Unethical Employment of Intellectual Property

The link to TES’s reply to the question at the top is here: Unethical Employment of Intellectual Property.

This essay is a must read. I hope smart biologists and lawyers will jump on this and use these ideas to alleviate our current dangerous situation with what is clearly vax induced disease as well as injury. Below is a short excerpt. Please do not let this replace reading the whole essay which is not long, very clearly written, and not hard to understand.

What we have served to broach here is the critical role of product identity, in the conflation of ethical burdens on the part of companies inside the separate contexts of naturally occurring and synthesized threats. The ethical standards under each circumstance are different. The exercise of enforced medicinals under threat of a naturally occurring pathogen can be ethical. However, once the threat is principally created by a modified/artificial/fabricated agent, then enforcement of that synthesized/derived agent itself, as the solution to a problem which it created in the first place, especially under the auspices of monopoly profit, constitutes 18 U.S.C. § 1961 – U.S. Code Racketeering.

Unethical Employment of Intellectual Property

Can someone get this to Robert Malone and the Unity Project people? ABN

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