Michigan diocese instructs priests to deny sacraments to LGBTQ people unless they have repented

A Michigan diocese issued a sweeping rule that members of the LGBTQ community cannot be given holy sacraments until they have repented

In addition to repenting, the diocese explains that anyone in a same-sex relationship must leave their partner

The Diocese of Marquette sparked controversy on social media by the policy, which many experts say is not likely to be adapted by others


An excellent side of Buddhism is its core principles—impermanence, emptiness, no-self, wisdom and harmlessness—very naturally adapt to changing cultural and historical conditions. Buddhist morality is as clear as any morality can be, without being rigidly based on scriptural dictates of an ancient civilization. Buddhists “take refuge” in the Dharma, the Buddhist community, and in Shakyamuni Buddha as teacher. The essence of Buddhist practice is the Three Trainings: sila, samadhi, prajna—morality, concentration, wisdom. Buddhists are not only allowed to understand things in their own way to the best of their ability, but are encouraged to so. All human beings are capable of enlightenment. “The mind is everything. What you think you become.” – Buddha. The most basic sexual morality is do no harm to others through your sexual behavior. ABN

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