Hospital misclassifications of the ill as “covid patients” degraded care in exchange for federal dollars

A disturbing article here detailing how the government basically bribed hospitals to label every patient a COVID patient, and then patients had their standards of care reduced as they were treated for COVID to get government payoffs instead of other illnesses they needed treatment for, their families were kept out of the loop on their care and away from them so they couldn’t interfere, and they were given inefficacious treatments instead of drugs which worked like Ivermectin and HCQ, all so the COVID numbers would explode and patients labeled “COVID” would die in large numbers. Jon Rappoport summarizes the important, really unbelievable points here. The effort to produce as many deaths as possible was more extensive than just putting sick patients in nursing homes and blocking drugs like HCQ and Ivermectin. We are really dealing with an outright enemy looking to kill us, and it appears in full control of not just the government, but the medical industry as well. I told you I was seeing their assets all through the medical field, from nurses to doctors.


This is as low and dirty as it gets, institutional cruelty and murder under the color “government approved.” ABN

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