Vax to Vote? We all know they will stop at nothing…

Raheem Kassam of The National Pulse talks about how the progressive elites are working to solidify their hold on power by manipulating elections.

“Listen to this phrase and internalize what it means: Vax to vote. This is what they’re going to start talking about when they realize they can’t win the midterm elections. …  The same situation is occurring all across the Western world, with governments realizing that their publics don’t find them legitimate any more. So what better way to win your elections, like Vladimir Putin often does, than to disenfranchise the people that you don’t want voting… The best way for these people to do that is requiring a vaccination card, a Covid pass, for you to go to be able to vote.”


By now it is painfully obvious the radical left will do anything they can to subvert the West; the world’s last remaining civilization with a semblance of a viable polity, albeit one gasping for air. It is important to pay attention to the early stages of attacks of this sort. These same people—enemies of a sane society—defunded police, indoctrinate children, did the nursing home murders, banned early treatment for covid. ABN

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