Geert Vanden Bossche: Short recap of mass vax dangers, the need for healthy living, and remain calm because the thought police cannot win

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I am a big fan of Vanden Bossche. He is one of the great fighters on our side. His veterinary background has allowed him to understand how herds respond to diseases and vaccinations and how mass vaccinations can sometimes cause extreme harm to the entire herd, a direction we are steadily moving in right now. Listen as he explains how the covid vaxxes are suppressing immune systems while at the same time pushing the virus to evolve variants that can evade the vaxxes. What he is and has been saying for a year now is not hard to understand. Are our health officials so pig-headed they have never done this basic research yet force mandates anyway? Or is there something more sinister at work? I honestly do wonder. ABN

first posted DECEMBER 2, 2021

Vanden Bossche provides a good explanation why vaxxes suppress innate immunity and why that is a bad thing. ABN

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