FRANCIS COLLINS: “There needs to be a DEVASTATING published take down” of scientists who disagree with me on covid policy

The image above is enlarged below. It is a dastardly order—“needs to be a devastating published take down”—from Francis Collins, the incurious fossil who heads the NIH and is unironically afraid of scientific debate or, worse, unaware of the necessity of having one. ABN

UPDATE: I have seen defenses of Collins saying he wrote “take down of its premises,” which he did. But the actual “quick and devastating” result of his order was a vicious takedown of those scientists and any others who held opinions different from his own. A lockstep (their word) bureaucratic attack on scientific debate during the worst pandemic in 100 years happened only because top health officials control billions of dollars in grants and thus, few dare disagree with them. Our system must be completely revamped so we never get people like Collins, Fauci, Birx, and Wallensky anywhere near the top of the govt food chain again; they are unfit for their offices and have proved this conclusively over the past two years. ABN

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