Francis Collins is making a strawman argument as to the justification for his political demand to undermine scientific opposition.  The three scientists were not advocating to put vulnerable people at risk, or letting the virus just run through the population.  They were arguing the severity of the NIH and CDC response.  The lockdowns and mitigation effort, was disproportionate to the risk the virus presented

Fox News' Bret Baier asked Dr. Francis Collins about his email calling the Great Barrington Declaration authors (@DrJBhattacharya, @MartinKulldorff) "fringe epidemiologists."

Collins: "Hundreds of thousands of people would have died if we had followed that strategy."

Uh … 🤔

Originally tweeted by Scott Morefield (@SKMorefield) on December 19, 2021.

The scale of overreaction -not only in the email- from the medical and scientific establishment to any counter opinion or criticism only points out how those who made these decisions were/are incapable of accepting criticism.  That is a dangerous personality trait.

Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Francis Collins are thin-skinned, unstable ideologues with visions of grandiosity. They have wreaked havoc on our nation and permeated a major crisis on the global stage.   These are not mentally or emotionally stable people, and it shows.

These are people who needed a career operating in government systems and institutions, because they could never be successful in the private sector.  They are devoid of skills needed outside academia and institutional structure.  These are very disturbed minds who have allowed their power to influence their narcissistic self-image.

History will not look well upon Collins or Fauci any more than history reflects well upon Josef Mengele.

They Are Losing Control of the COVID Narrative, and They Will Respond with More Restrictions

The title of this is also from Sundance’s article quoted above. I 100% agree Collins is a disaster, as are Fauci, Wallensky, Birx, and more. Our govt is infested with people so wrong-headed they have turned science upside down. ABN

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