New York State Assembly Advancing Legislation to Create Involuntary COVID Quarantine Camps

Admittedly, it takes quite a bit to raise my blood pressure, but this is one of those real-world issues that does it.  There are a lot of really good people in upstate New York and outside the boundaries of that crazy city they are best known for.  The New York state assembly passing a bill [A416 LINK HERE] to set up involuntary COVID quarantine camps needs to be stopped right now.  This is nuts.

The bill is obtuse in the extreme, and grants the state permission to remove and detain someone defined as “a significant threat to public health.”  Those of you who have watched the creation of Quarantine Camps in Australia, and those who noted the ongoing activity in Australia seems designed to be a beta test for the USA, will quickly see the common thread with this proposal in New York.


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