This table is now more precise, taking into account the numbers of days of exposure to Omicron for each vaccine subgroup

It raises grave immunological questions.

Data from and

The immunity red flag is confirmed by the data from a medical practice in London (18+ only)

HT @chaxie

Originally tweeted by Covid19Crusher (@Covid19Crusher) on December 19, 2021.

The vaxxes are a total failure, predicted a year ago by vaccinologists and virologists who spoke publicly about the problem of vaxxing during a pandemic, especially against a respiratory virus. All of the scientists and doctors who spoke out about the dangers of these vaxxes were censored in legacy media and Big Tech and even science journals. Furthermore, not only have the vaxxes failed completely, they have also done irreparable harm to we do not yet know how many hundreds of millions of people who took them, naively trusting their health authorities who were all either ignorant, malevolent, or dastardly. We are in the midst of the worst health catastrophe brought about by government decree in world history. Still no end in sight. ABN

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