Lieber Told FBI He ‘Wasn’t Completely Transparent’ in Prior Interview with Federal Investigators

BOSTON — Harvard professor Charles M. Lieber told the FBI in January 2020 that he “wasn’t completely transparent” in a separate interview with federal investigators two years prior, according to video of an interrogation presented in court by government prosecutors on Friday.

Lieber, a former Harvard Chemistry Chair, is facing trial for allegedly making false statements to government agencies about his connection to the Thousand Talents Program, a Chinese state program that seeks to attract academic talent to the country. According to prosecutors, Lieber joined the program to advance his goal of winning a Nobel Prize.

During the fourth day of the trial on Friday, prosecutors presented video excerpts of a three-hour FBI interrogation of Lieber, which took place at the Harvard University Police Department on the day of his arrest. Lieber told the FBI agent it “looks like I was very dishonest” with DOD investigators during a 2018 interview about his involvement with the TTP.


Article describes a lot of evidence against him presented in court. ABN

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