The covid/vax risk-benefit assessment is easy to do on your own

Consider your age and health, danger of covid to you and danger of vax to you. Information needed to do this is easy to find. Then decide. It’s that simple. If you see new information that changes your assessment, you may be able to change your mind depending on what you have already done. Be mindful of sunk costs and pressure from anyone.

The weirdest things in the covid-vax assessment are:

  • the ingredients of the vaxxes are secret and governments are working hard to keep them secret
  • vax testing was not normal and many of those truncated tests have been kept secret
  • governments are not being forthright or transparent about vax safety, adverse effects
  • governments are coercing people to take the vaxxes
  • governments have banned early treatments and mandated in-hospital treatments that are known to be no good

Many more bullet points can be added. The covid/vax risk assessment is similar to a risk assessment for a large purchase or many activities. If we want to scuba dive or go camping or rock climbing, we make our own assessment of risk-benefit. When we buy a car or invest money, we also make our own assessment.

A moral factor—the well-being of others—can also easily be added to the above. For now, I see no compelling moral obligation to get vaxxed if you do not want to. I do see a compelling moral obligation to oppose anyone, including govt, who is coercing anyone to take the vax. ABN

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