FDA approves first pill to treat COVID after Pfizer’s oral medication reduced hospitalizations by 88% in key study

The FDA on Wednesday authorized the first pill to treat COVID-19 at home 

Pfizer’s Paxlovid pill is available by prescription only for those with a positive test

Long-awaited milestone comes as US cases and hospitalizations are rising 

An antiviral pill from Merck also is expected to soon win authorization

The drugs are expected to offer a powerful weapon against the rise of Omicron 


It’s a protease inhibiter like ivermectin and HCQ. Not many doses available yet. I really hope it works well and we can be done with covid. On a side note, Omicron came up so fast you have to wonder if good guys released it strategically. I had been thinking maybe anti-DS good guys but a friend just suggested Putin did it to stop rising totalitarianism in the West, something he fears. Maybe CCP did it because they are starting to feel the heat and anger of the West as more become aware daily that they are the ones most likely to have released covid. Omicron may be the same or very close to the virus CCP probably used to inoculate their own population in 2017-2018. And, like Putin, they would also not want a rising totalitarian West. ABN

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