Omicron wave will crash on US with 60% of people infected by March and 140 MILLION new infections – but 90% will never show symptoms, University of Washington says

Researchers at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation said Omicron could cause about 140 million new COVID infections from January to March

Infections were expected to peak at 2.8 million new daily cases on January 28

Omicron would eventually infect about 60 percent of all Americans 

But the majority will show no symptoms and have fewer hospitalizations and deaths compared to previous surges as Omicron is believed to be milder


Another factor in covid/vax risk assessment is there has always been a good probability you will barely notice the disease and/or recover quickly with robust natural immunity gained and no complications. The University of Washington made infamously terrible predictions in the early stages of covid, but maybe they have improved their game. Whatever the case, Omicron does appear to be a much milder disease than Delta. At this point, why would an unvaxxed person who had decided to wait (often the best option) on the vax get it now? And what shot would they get? The first two, the booster plus the second booster? All four or three? If you figure in immune fatigue (VAIDS) and vax injury, vaxxing today makes less sense than ever. Also, risk assessment is a massively individual assessment. No one can do it better than the individual who alone knows their conditions and alone must bear the consequences of their decision. ABN

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