Equal to the law?

Officer Kim Potter convicted of manslaughter for accidentally shooting resisting suspect Daunte Wright with her gun instead of her taser as he fought, while Capitol Police Officer Michael Byrd was never even charged for intentionally killing Ashli Babbitt. The guy she shot, Daunte Wright, was actually a really bad dude with a long history of really violent crimes. Nobody in the civilian world prioritizes hanging out cops as something society needs to be on top of. All of what you see, is simply a script, removed from the populace, and handed down from above. It is elites who are doing exactly what they want to do where they want to do it, and pretending it is a natural outgrowth of some imaginary organic system you control. I think if we actually elected DA’s instead of Soros appointing them, she would probably never have been charged for an honest accident in the heat of a fight with a resisting violent criminal, and Wright would have been demoted to the basement after leaving a loaded gun in the bathroom of a Capitol full of national officials subject to assassinations.


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