Lugol’s iodine vs Povidone iodine for covid treatment

…Though you can use Lugol’s iodine as a gargle and a mouthwash to prevent COVID-19, it won’t work as well as Povidone Iodine for this purpose because the Povidone in Povidone Iodine slowly releases the iodine over time to create a protective shield in the throat and in the nose that kills the COVID virus (as well as cold and flu viruses) should you be exposed to any of these things. Lugol’s iodine, in contrast, will still kill COVID-19 viruses on contact, but it won’t stay put in the throat or in the nose to continue protecting you for 4 hours the way that Povidone Iodine will. 

But Lugol’s iodine can boost your general health and your general resistance toward COVID-19 but Povidone Iodine can’t do that. Povidone Iodine shouldn’t be taken internally and it doesn’t contain potassium iodide to feed the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland specifically craves the potassium iodide in Lugol’s iodine so if you have cancer, mood problems, weight problems, fertility issues, or low immunity, Lugol’s is an important medicine for you. You can use Povidone Iodine too, but not in the same way and not for the same reasons that you would use Lugol’s Iodine.


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