Parasitism as a way to explain covid and the decline of the West

Parasites take from their hosts and also harm them. Western societies in general have become infested with powerful parasitic subcultures that take all they can get while producing nothing but harm and resource depletion wherever they become ensconced, which is almost everywhere today.

I first noticed this in university many decades ago when leftist politics and schmoozing with mediocre professors was not only more important than intellectual curiosity, it was required. Intellectual curiosity made you an outcast. I saw this pattern again recently when I volunteered to be on a citizen’s board in my city. The board was run by two lazy old men who controlled everything, so nothing got done while they maintained their mildly high status without working.

You can also see parasitism in the NIH, NIAID, CDC, and FDA, all of which have selfishly, stupidly, and destructively mismanaged the covid pandemic. Fauci, Collins, Wallensky, Birx and many more enjoyed their prominence and power while hundreds of thousands of Americans died because of their actions and nonactions. Their parasitism at the top was mirrored all the way down to nursing stations in local hospitals, which were and still are restricted by NIH liability rules that rule out all treatments but ones that don’t work (and pay well). Hospital doctors went along out of fear while many hospital administrators did not mind the federal payoffs rolling in for each “covid” death they managed to gin up.

Our news media is similar as is our celebrity society. Kim Kardashian said recently that a main reason she left West is he was going against the celebrity consensus. Austin has purged the military through vax mandates. Many mayors have paralyzed, even destroyed their cities with mandates. Biden wants everyone to be vaxxed and, sadly, so does Trump. Who got to him, I wonder. Or didn’t get to him with a better message.

When we search for a “Mr Global” or a Top Dog in the global cabal that runs the West and much of the world, we miss seeing that there is no one at the top. What there is is an elite parasitic community which knows only how to take for themselves, seize control for themselves. Beyond that, this elite community of parasites has no idea how to actually benefit anyone else. At best they preen their vanity with Big Subjects like Global Warming or the Great Reset, which is only needed because of their parasitic mismanagement of the global economy over many decades.

In microcosm, you can see intellectual parasitism among people you know; those who blindly follow Fauci and become enraged when you do not. You can see it in everything Woke, BLM, Antifa, all of our captured agencies, captured DC.

Parasites can be very smart, so accepting there is no Mr Global but only a mass of parasites feeding on the body of the West offers no solace though it may help us understand what needs to be done. Somehow we have to change all of it. Historically, no great empire has ever done that. I had hopes for Trump’s first term which was even better than expected. Then the parasites stole the election. His Truth Social holds out major hope for rejuvenation through healthy dialog. Maybe his second term will be better than expected too. I wrote this because I think it is crucial to understand that our current very bad situation is a society rife with parasitism much more than one controlled by a Deep State with a purpose. ABN

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