Analysis Of Football Injury Data From 2015-2021. Are Heart-Related Injuries More Frequent In The Year 2021?

There have been many headlines about football players collapsing and dying recently and there are claims that it is happening a lot more frequently this year than you would normally expect.

Many lists have been compiled for this year with an array of news articles of such cases happening.

Claims have been made that these injuries could be related to the COVID-19 vaccines as for example myocarditis is linked to mRNA vaccines such as Pfizer and Moderna.

There’s also an abstract in the American Heart Association journal ‘Circulation‘ by cardiologist Steven Gundry in which he details the results of testing heart inflammation markers of hundreds of patients who have had the vaccines. Those who took the vaccine had elevated levels which indicate a more than 200% increase in heart disease risk over 5 years.


Author continues with an analysis of American-style football and finds: “…around a 1 out of 600 chance for footballers to get a heart condition after vaccination.” ABN

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