Lee Harvey Oswald’s Last Phone Call

NOTE: There’s been a surge of interest in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in recent months. Scholars are still looking through documents that were newly declassified during the Trump Administration. Much of the history on this subject will need to be revised in the coming years as new evidence enters the public realm. A good friend of mine, the renowned journalist Thomas Lipscomb, has just completed a new manuscript (with Jerome Kroth) titled The Oswald Letter and it contains a number of staggering claims based on these federally released documents as well as fresh accounts from new eyewitnesses who have never before been interviewed. The following excerpt is just one of the many important revelations contained in The Oswald Letter.


The call did not go through but why it did not and whom it was to are interesting. If you have any interest in JFK murder, this short piece is worth reading. ABN

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