AUSTRIA: Large number of doctors write strongly worded letter to to the President of the Austrian Medical Association against criminalizing the unvaxxed

AN open letter signed by 199 Austrian physicians and doctors has been sent to the President of the Austrian Medical Association following the announcement of the country’s plans for criminalization of the unvaccinated which come into force next month.  

The doctors have accused their President of violating basic medical ethics by threatening colleagues who don’t comply with disciplinary sanction. They point out to him the duties by which physicians are bound – something many doctors employed by our very own NHS, as well as the General Medical Council itself, are in dire need of a reminder of. They refer to the three pillars of evidence-based medicine on which their calling is based and demand that their highest representative, the president of the Austrian Medical Association respect them, and if not, resign.

The English translation of the letter that follows was achieved with an auto-translator, so there may be some errors which I ask you to forgive as it is so important to read.


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