ISRAEL: Abject reality of massvax failure and mildness of Omicron may prompt health officials to overcome brain fog

Israel recorded almost 3,000 new coronavirus cases for the second day in a row, according to data released Wednesday, as the infection rate continued to climb and senior Health Ministry officials were reportedly weighing a switch to a policy of reaching herd immunity through mass infection.

Ministry data published Wednesday morning showed 2,967 infections were confirmed on Tuesday, a similar number to the previous day, which had been a three-month high.

As COVID outbreak intensifies, Israel said mulling ‘herd immunity’ policy

Omicron is providing an opportunity to get off the massvax rollercoaster to hell. Israel, wisely, may take the opportunity. If so, others will follow, possibly including even USA which is still in the ongoing process of committing the worst govt-induced health disaster in world history; one that is so bad it constitutes a crime against humanity. ABN

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