FLORIDA: Blocked by federal govt from buying monoclonal antibodies

DeSantis says the government has now bought up the entire supply of monoclonal antibodies so he can no longer purchase any from the manufacturer, and they are denying them to Florida. As they are shipping all the infected illegals to Florida to spread the virus. These are the same cocksuckers who were sending sick people into nursing homes, but first getting their relatives out because they knew they were signing the resident’s death certificates. Stalin signed one of his orders that would kill 40,000 people, and said to someone, “What is another 40,000 more or less?” So far apart in time, but they are all the same in every turn of the cycle.


 DeSantis told reporters. “The federal government has cornered the entire market. They basically took control of the supply in September.”

It appears they are trying to maintain or cause a crisis to frighten the public and thus be able to extend the vax Emergency Use Authorization and their emergency powers. ABN

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