“As you can see, the Omicron mutation alleles in no way match the entropy of the comparative 144 markers”: Ethical Skeptic

This was not an in-evolutionary-context change between Omicron and Wuhan.

Certain genetic slots mutate faster than others. This rate of mutation is so reliable that it can be used as a clock of sorts.

‘By that clock’, Omicron has either been around longer than Wuhan, or was created in a lab, or – the option which bears elegance, … both.

Originally tweeted by Ethical Skeptic ☀ (@EthicalSkeptic) on January 5, 2022.

Worth noting that ending the pandemic by using Omicron as a natural vaccine can be construed as being in the interest of either of the two main parties that may have released the original bioweapon. China may be feeling the heat of world opinion turning against it based on many people’s suspicions that they released covid on purpose. USA, whom many also suspect of having released the bioweapon, may have gotten what it wanted and is snuffing out the viral fire with Omicron. Another possibility is the course of the pandemic and failure of the vaxxes has gotten out of control. A very dark possibility is the vaxxes have disabled enough people (with long-term consequences) so they feel it’s time to stop the pandemic. ABN

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