President Trump Sits Down to Discuss Joe Biden Introducing Communism to the US

I am often asked why the ‘system’ is so intensely focused on eliminating Donald Trump.  Sure, the decades past have highlighted attacks against various politicians with the Alinsky purpose to isolate, ridicule and marginalize them; however, in the history of American politics, no individual has been targeted at the scale of Donald Trump.  What makes this different?

I’ll answer that important question below this recent interview.  WATCH:

The answer to the question of why the entire system of institutions and agencies need to eliminate Donald Trump is actually answered by first standing back and remembering where things were before Trump.   The time when political subjects were not the all-consuming part of everyday discussion.

Before Donald Trump stepped into the political arena, the same institutions and agencies who attack him now were successfully able to manipulate public perceptions.  It was all a grand pantomime, a ruse, a Potemkin village filled jesters, distractions and carefully coordinated illusions of false choice.


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