Is the significant increase in Deaths due to “Symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings, not elsewhere classified” due to the vaccines?

[Everything below is excerpted from this article: Is Something “Abnormal” Evolving in US Deaths? The author’s reasoning and evidence looks sound. I strongly encourage readers to click on that link and read the whole piece. ABN]


I am at a loss to think of any explanation for why we now have five times as many dying of Symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings, not elsewhere classified”.

  • There is NO correlation to COVID deaths.
  • The “Abnormal” surge is fairly consistent across the nation in terms of timing.
  • R00-R99 Deaths are a virtual flatline for at least a decade, with no significant seasonal trend.

The introduction and mass use of COVID vaccines — primarily the mRNA Pfizer and Moderna vaccines — is the only likely explanation.

The number of deaths involved is NOT inconsequential.

Here it really raises eyebrows. There are small COVID-correlated increases in deaths of “usual suspect” causes (e.g. Diabetes), but the numbers of deaths are generally in line with seasonal and annual fluctuations. Then there’s the Abnormal R00-R99.

The R00-R99 Category Deaths not only increase roughly 5-fold over baseline, but also show no correlation to COVID-19 waves.

Perhaps this is a seasonal thing that simply wasn’t seen in 2020? NO!! Going back a full decade (using CDC Wonder 3 ), it is clear that deaths classified in this category are remarkably consistent and generally not seasonal. ( The Wonder data is monthly, and I adjusted to Weekly rate, these curves are also smoother because of this.)

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