“Omicron is not a child of the Wuhan virus found in Dec 2019. It is a child of a child of a child, from Wuhan’s grandparent. A cousin in other words”

The Nextstrain linkage as to Omicron's lineage is abduction or 'Occam's Razor' – it is an assumption we add to the mix in order to 'keep the narrative intact'. Nothing else. The genes themselves do not suggest such a link. It is our mind which cannot tolerate the implication.

In other words, Omicron is not a child of the Wuhan virus found in Dec 2019. It is a child of a child of a child, from Wuhan's grandparent. A cousin in other words.

We must remember that MOST of the world bore immunity to Covid-19, already in Dec 2019. Given that prior colds do not protect against Covid, then from what and whence did this immunity originate?

Originally tweeted by Ethical Skeptic ☀ (@EthicalSkeptic) on January 9, 2022.

The lower graph rather strongly argues that the covid alpha (or Wuhan) variant was preceded by a “cousin” virus that conferred immunity to alpha in China, areas surrounding China, and Africa where there were a lot of Chinese workers. This cousin virus may have arisen naturally or it may have been manufactured in a lab, from whence it may have escaped accidentally; or been released deliberately to confer immunity on the Chinese population or for some other reason. On its face, this looks like China may have manufactured and released the cousin virus in 2017 in preparation for releasing the Wuhan variant in 2019. But it could also be argued that some other actor knew that this line of reasoning would eventually surface and planned the attack with the Wuhan virus against the West with this in mind.

The top graph shows that Omicron is also a cousin of the Wuhan variant. It too is “a child of a child of a child, from Wuhan’s grandparent,” though probably not the same as the cousin released in 2017. This suggests—since Omicron has spread so rapidly and seems to confer immunity to all covid variants—that someone may have deliberately released Omicron to bring the pandemic to an end. Some argue that Omicron evolved in an isolated area and this must be kept in mind. But so should the reasoning above. Continuing in that vein, we can hypothesize that either: 1) China purposely released an inoculant in ~2017 and the Wuhan strain in 2019 to unseat Donald Trump and harm the West, particularly USA; or 2) the West did some form of that making it appear that China did it; or 3) someone else did that.

For the first six months or so of covid, I tended to think the China-did-it hypothesis was the most likely. But as the West continued to impose one harmful policy after another, I began to consider the West being the chief perpetrator as a real possibility. With the rollout of the experimental vaxxes, which quickly became obviously harmful, my sense that the West was either cooperating with China or has done the whole thing by itself has only grown. What do I mean by “the West”? Either some version of the 5eyes Deep State, the cabal associated with WEF, or some other more secret group behind either or both of those. Russia may have released Omicron but I doubt they did any of the other stuff.

One thing that stands out is the greatest harm from covid and especially covid vaxxes has occurred in the West. The West is being harmed more than any other world power by the virus and its own self-inflicted shit mitigation policies. If vax harms continue long-term, which seems likely, we will see many more deaths and disabilities weaking our civilization. Whoever is doing this is trying to destroy the West either from the outside or after decades of infiltration, from the inside. Those aiding and abetting the destruction have either been groomed for the job over many years, are knowingly complicit, or have learned cowardice and weakness through long association with the other types. ABN

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