Six theories on the origin of Omicron

The first five come from an article in the Defender, quoted below:

1. Maybe the virus has been mutating toward Omicron for a long while, but it has happened “under the radar” in a region of the world where there are few scientific labs that might have reported its genome in intermediate states. In other words, it appeared someplace where genomic testing was unavailable and intermediate strains remained undetected.

2. A single immune-compromised patient might have harbored the virus for an extended period of “long COVID,” during which the virus mutated while replicating within that individual.

3. The virus might have jumped to a mouse host and spread from mouse to mouse, in an environment where different mutations would be favored. The heavily mutated virus must then have jumped back to humans.

4. The virus leaked from, or was released from, a laboratory in Durban, South Africa, where experimenters were genetically manipulating the virus.

5. Vaccinated populations have put intense selection pressure on the virus to evade the vaccine by mutating its spike protein, which is the only part of the virus to which vaccinated individuals have immunity.

5 Theories on the Origin of Omicron, the Variant That Might End the Pandemic

6. A state actor released lab-made Omicron to end the pandemic. It was not just released in South Africa, but also in many other parts of the world to spread it quickly and overwhelm other variants. If so: a) China may have done this; whether China released the original Wuhan/alpha variant as a bioweapon to take down Donald Trump or not, they do not want to see the West to continue morphing into a powerful totalitarian state; they prefer a weak, disorganized West; b) Russia may have released Omicron to prevent the rise of a totalitarian Western block; very unlikely Russia released the original alpha variant; c) USA/West may have released Omicron; since it is roughly as probable that USA/West released the Wuhan bioweapon as China, this requires a bit more thought: 1) some combination of clandestine Western actors created and released the original alpha variant in a way that makes China look guilty; they did that to destroy Trump and seize more power and money; 2) their plan is not working well anymore and they have taken all they can get, so rather than keep pushing, they decided to release Omicron and end the pandemic; 3) their plan is working perfectly and ending the pandemic with Omicron is just its next logical step, after which there will come an economic crash which will be used to disrupt the 2022 elections and seize more power much in the way covid was used in 2020.

It is abundantly clear to me that the world is right now engaged in a ferocious KOBK-style war. It is also clear to me that the West—including USA and 5eyes countries—has been deeply infiltrated by subversive actors since the end of WW2. Covid has been a culmination of that infiltration. Notice how easily and completely doctors, hospitals, and almost all state health officials have been controlled by authoritarian, anti-science, and very destructive decrees from the CDC, NIH, NIAID, and FDA. If you can see that, you can see that the same thing has happened to academia over a longer period of time. Ditto legacy media and Big Tech social media. Even DC has been infiltrated, subverted, and taken over almost completely through bribery, blackmail, Epstein-style suasion, political appointees, and bureaucratic usurpation of political power, to say nothing of vote fraud and outright theft of massive sums of money which pays for all of this.

This infiltration is now and has been a dirty, violent undertaking largely invisible to most people. It was not primarily an intellectual rout, a victory of leftist ideas. Real people have been poisoned, maimed, and murdered in the millions over the past 75 years to achieve this aim. You didn’t notice all those people being murdered and disabled? The reason you didn’t is most of the violence happens at young ages, the same ages during which other people are groomed to rise in the hierarchy, to become subversives themselves or at least passive cooperators in the subversion. Go back and consider what happened to our health care facilities and personnel; consider how our legacy media has gone from OK, to bad, to bald-faced propaganda and censorship in 75 years. KOBK rules are anything goes. Historically, large populations have often been controlled in these ways. Maim or kill the strong ones with brains. Forty to seventy thousand American young people die every year of drug overdoses but are almost not noticed. Control and weaken the young and you will own the next generations of adults. This has already happened to us. ABN

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