Dr Mike Yeadon: Evidence of vax dose ranges being experimentally manipulated

Evidence ofDOSE RANGE-FINDING for lethal outcomes

You’ll be aware that one of our assiduous researchers noticed a short while ago that adverse events are not occurring randomly throughout the batches & lots of vaccines made by a given manufacturer.
Instead, it appears that just 5% of the batches / lots are associated with almost all the deaths.
Given the tight requirements of consistency associated with an authorised product, it’s absolutely impossible that this is a chance event.
No: this is I regret to say unequivocal evidence of malfeasance.

The new (to me) observations in this document are absolutely extraordinary & upsetting.

In brief, they’ve uncovered striking evidence of what’s called DOSE RANGE-FINDING for lethal outcomes.

There are 4-5 different sets of batches / lots of the Pfizer vaccine, deployed in the USA, which show this DRF effect.

Worse, there is a quiet period between each of the lethal batches, the purpose of which is clearly BASELINE ESTABLISHMENT.

You really don’t need a vivid imagination to infer why this work has been done.

If you harboured any residual doubts about whether there is or not a depopulation agenda, this presentation destroys that doubt.

The final, chilling observation is that all three companies are doing similar, sinister studies.

They’re operating in such a way so as to not run over each other. When company A is deploying lethal batches, companies B & C are deploying only harmless batches.

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Dr Mike Yeadon




One thought on “Dr Mike Yeadon: Evidence of vax dose ranges being experimentally manipulated

  1. “People don’t recognize evil anymore.” Yeadon makes this statement near the end of the video. It reminds me of something I have noticed since the covid darkness descended upon us. I haven’t done a formal study or anything but it seems that a significant proportion of vocal dissidents are Christians. If this is indeed the case there are probably many reasons for it, but I think one is simply that Christians are used to the idea of evil as a powerful and ever-present force on Earth and are therefore able to talk about it in a clear-eyed manner. Moreover, Christians are attuned to the deceitful nature of evil, which may equip the thoughtful among them to resist mass formation. “The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie, and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing.” (2 Thessalonians 2:9-10) If Christians would hold this kind of awareness at the forefront of their consciousness, they would defy the credulity often attributed to “believers” by prickly atheists, nihilists, fake skeptics, and others. This heartens me.

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