Robert Barnes on SCOTUS vaccine mandate rulings

We won the big one, exactly as forecast — 6 to 3, with the 3 conservatives wanting to go further. I believe the OSHA ruling sets the more significant precedent. What saved the Medicare mandate was 3-fold: first, religious exceptions required in the rule itself; second, the percieved beneficiary is old & poor patients; and third, the history of hospitals mandating vaccines. Very good to see Barrett join the conservatives on the Medicare mandate. All in all, a good day.


The religious exception is of magisterial importance and shows we still have something left of our country. Barnes elsewhere has said that the religious exception to vaxxes is fundamentally a matter of “personal conscience,” a point I agree with very strongly. All people, including atheists, have the core right to assert a religious exception based on this reading of the Constitution. No individual should ever give up their right to think, speak, believe, and act on the deep promptings of their conscience. ABN

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