MAINE: State Board goes full Soviet on Dr Meryl Nass, highly respected and well-loved physician of Ellsworth has medical license suspended pending “psychological evaluation”

ELLSWORTH — Local physician Meryl J. Nass must undergo a psychological evaluation, the state Board of Licensure in Medicine determined Jan. 11. The order comes after the board received complaints that Nass was providing misinformation about treatment options for COVID-19 and vaccinations against the coronavirus.

Nass was first licensed by the board on Aug. 22, 1997, and practices internal medicine in Ellsworth.

In a statement to The American on Tuesday, Nass wrote: “Despite my request for the Board to specify what constitutes misinformation, they have never done so. Despite my request to the Board asking under what authority they can punish physicians for a crime they have declined to define, there has been no answer.”

…Nass on Tuesday said, “The Board today suspended my medical license and ordered me to submit to a psychological examination, when my primary crime appears to be treating COVID more successfully than the NIH’s recommendations allow.”


Using “psychological evaluations” as a pretext to cancel someone is precisely what the Soviet Union did to highly-skilled scientists and others who refused to toe the party line. Nass should be honored for her courage and medical integrity for placing the well-being of her patients above state dictates that have disgracefully banned early treatment of covid. ABN

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