GERMANY: Faith in God waned during the pandemic

A new study done in Germany suggests that faith in god or ‘a higher power’ was greatly weakened by the pandemic. In a cross-sectional survey, Catholics and Protestants – the two largest religious denominations reported a precipitous drop in faith during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially around the second wave. 

The study used self-reported measures of wellbeing, and self-reported changes in faith to arrive at its conclusions. It found that wellbeing decreased significantly with the second wave of COVID-19, when stringent restrictions came into effect in the country. At the same time, stress caused by the pandemic and restrictions in daily life seem to have contributed to increased anxiety, insecurity, loneliness and financial woes.


I know one person whose faith and interest in Buddhism increased greatly due to the pandemic showing them very clearly the truth of the First and Second Noble Truths of Buddhism. It would not surprise me if there are many others. In Buddhism, this world is characterized by delusion, which has been glaringly apparent during covid. We make our ways out of this morass as individuals and with good friends we know well, not in large groups. ABN

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