ENGLAND: All-cause mortality rate: vaccinated versus unvaccinated in age group 10-59 (weeks 1-38, 2021

Source: Official mortality data for England suggest systematic miscategorisation of vaccine status and uncertain effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccination

Because health officials in the West consistently, constantly, and without exception studiously avoid explaining data of this kind and even hide data of this kind, we can know that they know it exists and that it destroys their happy Big Pharma vax narrative. The same goes for Western politicians (with the exception of Ron Johnson), state governors and health officials, and also… most of (how I hate using this word here) mainstream science, which has been taken over by Big Govt & Big Pharma.

If you can see this and how and why it has happened, then you should be able to see how the same sort of takeover of Western academia has happened. The same sort of takeover of legacy media and Big Tech social media has happened. Same for Deep State governments throughout the West with only a few exceptions. These are the results of vicious, violent, unrelenting KOBK infiltration and war against the West since he end of WW2. The situation today is so bad our own people are fighting against us; compromised by a lifetime of KOBK nefariousness, cooperation with KOBK nefariousness, and/or dangerous ignorance of KOBK nefariousness. ABN

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