My “name your price” offer to the members of the FDA and CDC outside committees

In case $1M isn’t enough to get them to show up in a recorded call, I’ve asked them to tell me how much I have to offer them to hold them accountable.

It’s unfortunate that Congress isn’t holding the government agencies or the outside committees accountable for their actions. So the burden falls on the citizens of the US like me to hold the government accountable.

Unfortunately, I lack jurisdiction over them to compel them to answer, so I must rely on incentives.

Here’s the email I just sent off to all the members of the FDA and CDC outside committee members who approve the vaccines.

I offered them $1M to allow me to interview them to discuss the evidence that shows that the vaccines are unsafe and the federal agencies that they work for are corrupt.

I also put in a provision that they can name their price.

But we all know what will happen. They will all decline because they don’t want it exposed that they all have made serious errors that have cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans including our children.


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