Pierre Kory: My Testimony For The Upcoming Senate Hearing on Monday, January 24, 2022

Senator Johnson asked a group of COVID physician experts to attend a speaker panel this upcoming Monday (after the March!) to address the numerous aspects of the U.S COVID response which either failed, were corrupted, were unnecessary, or could have been greatly improved.

The panel title should really borrow the English translated title of the 2020 French best-selling book by Dr. Christian Perrone, “What else could they have gotten wrong in COVID-19? The sacred union of incompetence and arrogance” (to be accurate, it really should have been titled the unholy union of arrogance and corruption). We are supposed to keep our remarks brief, like 400 words or less as the Q and A will be the most impactful. I tried.. closest I could come was just under 500 words. Let’s go:

There are now rapidly increasing numbers of national and regional health ministries that employed either widespread distribution or “test and treat” programs with ivermectin that show that, had we done the same in the U.S, we could have single-handedly achieved near complete control of case counts, hospitalizations rates, and deaths. Early treatment program results from around the world show the following:


Kory provides information on many nations and regions that have used early treatment protocols to defeat covid. ABN

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