BLM’s millions unaccounted for after leaders quietly jumped ship

No one appears to have been in charge at Black Lives Matter for months. The address it lists on tax forms is wrong, and the charity’s two board members won’t say who controls its $60 million bankroll, a Washington Examiner investigation has found.

BLM’s shocking lack of transparency surrounding its finances and operations raises major legal and ethical red flags, multiple charity experts told the Washington Examiner.

“Like a giant ghost ship full of treasure drifting in the night with no captain, no discernible crew, and no clear direction,” CharityWatch Executive Director Laurie Styron said of BLM.

BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors appointed two activists to serve as the group’s senior directors following her resignation in May amid scrutiny over her personal finances. But both quietly announced in September that they never took the jobs due to disagreements with BLM. They told the Washington Examiner they don’t know who now leads the nation’s most influential social justice organization.


Many years ago, broke, I took a canvassing job with a leftist organization. TBH, I think I was the only canvasser who did not steal. The manager of the group was dynamic, intelligent, and friendly. We got along well. At the time I was not interested in politics but he tried to get me more on board politically as well as financially. “The left pays really well. You have to understand that. We do this because we are committed but also because the pay is really good. Once you establish yourself, the left will never abandon you.” At the time I did not care about the money or the left and refused his offer to train for a better position. He knew I was fairly rudderless and said, “You are missing a real opportunity. What you do not understand is this country is massively corrupt. No one gets anywhere in politics or activism without being corrupt. That’s just how it’s done.” He was right and time has shown me he knew exactly what was going on. ABN

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