Anonymous comment on covid

I work in a private hospital in europe, I’m rarely in contact with patients and mostly work on sample analysis and data review, I have the equivalent of 2 Phds and an MD in virology, I never worked on cutting edge genetic research but I am very knowledgeable on the subject Basically a host of things that happened in the last 2 years don’t make any sense as far disease containment and “normal” medical procedures go, this is not a secret and is not controversial, indeed right now many of the standards and protocols valid up to 2020 are being entirely rewritten, and to say that not everyone is on board is an understatement. I’m being silent personally because I wouldn’t even know where to start, but not a single doctor I know thinks that it’s all perfectly organic, scientific and genuine. Something very funky is going on relating to vaccinations, hospital protocols regarding respiratory diseases and basic principles of disease control, something extremely coordinated and not “doctor-lead”, this is entirely coming down to us and we don’t have a choice in the matter, these decisions are made at the administrative level and forced on all of us

The biggest red flag is the change in narrative related to vaccination induced mutation, basically the ability of viruses to evolve when in contact with ever changing antibodies, it’s a recognized and fairly logic risk that was completely uncontroversial up to 2 years ago, bringing up this matter now is an immediate risk as the “consensus” now is that it’s GOOD for the virus to mutate, for some reason that changes every 2 days

100% vaccination in the population has never been a feasible nor reasonable nor effective means of preventing disease, yet right now this is ignored (it’s the crux of the matter), and I think I know why

I’ve seen too many unreasonable decisions taken and too many changes in protocol that make a mockery of my field, as such I’ve gotten extremely cynical on this whole matter, so let me state this clearly:

I genuinely believe a group of disgusting people working in the highest insitutions of medicine and the richest pharmaceutical companies are DELIBERATELY trying to prolong covid as much as possible, destroying everyone and everything in their path to achieve this, for money. They basically want to buy new houses and yachts (that’s literally it) and have found an exceptional way to do so, while at the same time patting themselves on the back that they’re “saving humanity” so they must deserve these riches, that’s what they tell themselves so they can sleep peacefully, they think they are great businessmen/philantropists. They are deliberately trying to make covid mutate, they KEEP running experiments on it trying to force a mutation (for research) and I periodically see articles of these animal test subjects suffering “incidents” where they are freed/lost and a risk arises of further mutation, sooner or later this is going to actually happen. These experiments keep going on all the time and not just on covid, gain of function research is EVERYWHERE and nobody seems to have the courage to say “why are we doing this?”, you’re told this is the frontier of science and doubting it makes you a target for sticking your nose in a trillion dollar industry and ruin their little scheme. Most politicians from most countries in the world have open ties to this industry, and the arrangements and contracts between governments and vaccine manifacturers are public, they don’t even need to hide.

We had been waiting for a pandemic to come, we were ready and able to contain and resolve it, but AS SOON as covid came all power was removed from the hands of physicians and entirely placed into those of management, they set the new standards and forced everybody to comply, the result is that right now the medical profession is being “purged”, look at how many medical licenses were removed in the last 2 years, what’s going on is terrifying and disgusting. I wanted to get this off my chest, I don’t have a lot of proof for this but now I’m 100% convinced that this is what’s going on. Just know that most doctors are simply scared to death of even using their brain, they follow protocol and don’t question anything. Among those who think, 99% keep it private. The 1% who speaks out are silently removed and their contribution erased, making their sacrifice pointless. I may be one of these in the near future, I may snap and get my license revoked as well and maybe that would be for the best.



Let’s say thought moves from point A to point B and beyond in “jumps.” Jumps are anything that moves a thought from one point to another; could be logic, reason, association, fear, accident, force, conditioning, etc. The comment above is a jump or two away from the dominant narrative. Readers of this site will have no trouble with the jumps and even welcome them. Many of us probably wonder did the author go far enough? Is it really so mundane, just greed and self-aggrandizement? Is there really no Satanic Cult or Mr Global directing it? Always good to make jumps like these and loosely plot them on your Bayesian pie chart of probabilities.

Among those probabilities, I myself see parasitism explaining a great deal of how our world is working today. I think parasitism is an inherent part of humanness, just as predation, slavery, slave-holding, love of freedom, ritual and religion, logic and reason are. As with everything human, our ability to be parasitic can become a basis of a whole culture or subculture. Widespread official malfeasance, such as we are seeing today, is a sure sign of parasitic subcultures loosely cooperating with each other. Big Pharma owns US health agencies and much of Congress. Other parasitic subcultures own legacy news and Big Tech social media. Others have completely infested and totally control academia. It is important in this line of thinking to remember that parasitic cultures revel in their destructive work. They enjoy getting more than they are giving. They really want to tear it down. This is a fundamental human possibility. Since parasitism is ruthless and always plays by KOBK rules, it is very difficult to fight off. The first step in doing that is to realize what is happening to USA and Europe: they are infested with human parasitic subcultures of many stripes but all colored with the same brush of taking more than they give and delighting in the harms they cause. ABN

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