Sunday Talks, All GOP Club Members Asked if They Support Mike Pence Remarks on Friday

For those who might not have been paying attention, last Friday the RNC Club membership held a discussion at the Federalist Society meeting in Florida.

The Federalist Society is the paid subcontractor of the RNC Club who provide the approved list of judicial nominees that club members are required to support.

Multinational business interests pay the Federalist Society to get their friends on the list, that’s their smaller business model within the club.

The Federalist Society then ranks the names according to the amount provided and the tenured status of the insider individual or group providing the reference. Then the list is passed along to the Club members, political leadership members, who are within the framework of government to install.


No one describes behind-the-scenes RNC and DNC politics better than Sundance. This piece is short and straight to the point. Essential reading if you want to understand USA. ABN

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