World War Rogan: In the Trenches of the Frontlines of the Rogan War

…I hate to say it again, but none of this would be happening if people would have rallied around me in 2017. I know they were saying “neo-Nazi,” but firstly, anyone who read the site for ten minutes could see that was bullshit and this is a right-wing meme site, and secondly – what difference does it make? Free speech either exists or it doesn’t.

Anyone at the time could have said “I find his content repulsive, but we cannot allow a standard to be set where private companies are allowed to organize together to silence protected speech.” Back in 2017, you could still say things like that without being called a “sympathizer” or whatever.

As I said from the beginning: if people are so stupid that they can just be totally confused and misled by having free access to information, then how can they be allowed to vote? It doesn’t make any sense.

But hey – whatever.

It’s just whatever.

We the people have allowed the government and these corporations it’s aligned with to become a totally out of control monster of incomprehensible power that obviously can’t be stopped. The only thing any of us can do is get out of the way and wait for this lumbering beast to collapse under the weight of its own lies.

It is literally made of lies to the point where Joe Rogan just getting stoned and talking to people threatens to totally collapse it.


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