Trudeau sez: The way to get through this pandemic is to continue to listen to “The Science”

Justin, the vaxxes were obvious failures eight months ago. And it was known decades ago that mass vaxxing during a pandemic will produce variants that are able to evade vaxxes and and make the pandemic worse. As of last week, Omicron has all but ended the pandemic. None of the vaaxes work against Omicron. Your sense of what “The Science” is is wrong. Mandating vaxxes for truckers makes no sense. Man up and sit down with the truckers. Listen to some real scientists rather than Klaus Schwab. Then go out into public and admit you have been wrong and remove the mandates. This is all you have to do and all you can do if you possess a shred of decency. ABN

If you want to hear his evasive and dishonest speech, you can find it here: Trudeau stokes divisions by branding 7,000-strong Freedom Convoy in Ottawa as a ‘few people shouting and waving swastikas’

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