CHINA: A serious laboratory connection to SARS-CoV-2 found in Chinese lab samples extracted in December 2019

This find strengthens the notion that China was directly responsible for release of the Wuhan (alpha) strain of covid. This release could have been advertent or inadvertent and a lot rides on that. If inadvertent, China still bears responsibility for starting the pandemic and then not warning the world but instead hiding their role in its origin. If the release was deliberate, it was a massive act of war. That said, I wonder if it will ever be possible to pin a deliberate release on anyone. Just as China could have done it so another actor could have figured out how to make it look like China did it.

Based on the West’s response to covid, a strong case can be made that someone in the West released the bioweapon on purpose. Almost everything done in the West was done to sow fear and subjugate their populations. The vaxxes were clearly dangerous from the start and mass vaxxing during the pandemic had no good science behind it; in fact doing that was seriously anti-scientific. ABN

See this for more: Hungarian bioinformatics experts noticed an odd thing in a genomic database

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