Ontario declares state of EMERGENCY: Freedom Convoy drivers can now be fined $100,000, jailed for a year, have their trucks seized and licenses revoked after Biden urged Trudeau to get even tougher

Conservative Ontario Premier Doug Ford on Friday declared a state of emergency, threatening fines and jail  

White House is urging Justin Trudeau’s government to use its ‘federal powers’ to end the Freedom Convoy

Biden’s cabinet secretaries Alejandro Mayorkas and Pete Buttigieg spoke with Canadian counterparts 

Why not just end the useless mandates and be done with it? Canada & USA showcase how bad their “leaders” are. Most of the world sees the trap Trudeau has ensnared himself in, but not Biden. They are probably hoping for a 1/6-style escape route, but 1/6 was preplanned and professionally staged against a handful of demonstrators. In contrast, Justin stands alone with his own bad judgement facing all of Canada. Acting tough now only further confirms he is entirely unfit for office. ABN

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