Trump says Durham’s probe will expose ‘the crime of the century’ and claims there is even MORE to come on Hillary’s ‘spying’: Admits even he was shocked by the extent of the hack

Former President Donald Trump said Special Counsel John Durham’s Trump-Russia probe will expose ‘the crime of the century’

The filing accused Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign of having ‘exploited’ internet traffic to ‘establish an inference and narrative’ tying Trump to Russia

Trump compared Durham’s allegations to the Watergate scandal, saying: ‘It is no different than Watergate…It is the same theft—just modern day’


This is a good overview to refresh yourself on main points or learn them for the first time. It is no exaggeration to call this the “crime of the century.” To those who have been following the story, it is clear that major acts of treason and sedition were committed by a large group of conspirators both inside and outside the government. Many of us have expected Durham to “investigate” the crimes only to bury the evidence. His recent filings. however, show we may get more than nothing. Some say full exposure and prosecution will bring down the US government because all branches were complicit, including the Senate. Maybe full exposure minus prosecution of some of our most corrupt and powerful luminaries will be enough to force deep reform of DC politics. If we consider these crimes along with what appear to be massive covid crimes and regulatory failings, we might be fortunate enough to experience a peaceful revolution that completely reworks all major US institutions. ABN

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