Trudeau Government Officials Confirm Donors to Crowdfunding Platforms Are Specifically “Designated Targets” for DeBanking, Social Media Posts To Be Used as Evidence

NOTE: before getting to the heart of the biggest headline, I just want to note that when Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland speaks in French, she says things she never repeats in English.  The French language Canadian audience hear a much stronger declaration in the framework of government action, including language that says, “The Canadian government, and the heart of Canadian democracy is directly being attacked by foreign groups.”  Freeland does not say this in English, only in her French delivery.

During her prepared remarks today, a very happy Canadian Finance Minister declared that federal law enforcement (RCMP) has begun working with financial institutions to de-bank Canadian citizens, cancel insurance policies, remove access to credit cards, cancel mortgages and freeze the assets of Canadian citizens.  When you watch the segment highlighted below, keep in mind the RCMP is the Canadian equivalent of the FBI.


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