Trudeau Crackdown Against Trucker Protest Begins – Cancels Parliament Debate as Jackboots Begin Arresting Protestors and Removing Trucks

Developing Story.  Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau cancelled parliamentary debate today as federal police began arresting protesting truckers and confiscating vehicles.  Trudeau did not want to face government while the operation to break the back of the freedom protestors begins.

Early this morning, federal police assembled a convoy of heavy tow trucks to begin the operation.  The identities of the tow truck companies were masked by painting over the logos to avoid retaliation.  RCMP and Ottawa police then brought in Armored Personnel Carriers (MRAP’s and APC’s) to support the operation.

Media were told to leave the enforcement zone to help hide the optics of heavily armed RCMP tactical units, and they began breaking the windows of the trucks and forcibly removing the truck drivers.  For the same reason, popular social media YouTuber’s, who had been broadcasting livestreams, were arrested as the operation began.

link with several livestream videos

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