Ron Unz on the origin of the covid pandemic


I think there is strong evidence US actors were complicit with China or acted alone in releasing covid. I tend toward the former. I think Ron Unz is off in virtually all of his views on China because he typically takes what Beijing says at face value and exhibits a naivete that is common among Western elites. I offer this film because it is interesting and Unz may even be right.

Other factors to consider are the evidence that a mild form of covid was released in China in 2017-2018 apparently to inoculate their population against covid-19; this is a strong indication of premeditation. Also, it does not make much sense for US to attack China as Unz describes when we were winning the trade war and the global public opinion war against them handily. It does, however, make a lot of sense that China would launch a bio attack against USA directly after they conclusively lost the trade war with Trump. One last point is Unz presents his analyses within a China vs USA framework when the Western response to covid has been much more destructive to the West than the virus itself. This suggests that Western elites have been waging war against their own people, possibly even in league with China, something we see evidence for in many other areas. ABN

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