“Extremists” trample or trampled in Ottawa? You decide

Nothing to see here… just the Canadian mounties trampling protestors. https://t.co/XHgTl1X37l

Originally tweeted by Justin Hart (@justin_hart) on February 18, 2022.

Looks like a walker near the circled woman in red.

A word on parasitism: When a parasitic subculture forms within a larger society, significant features of that subculture include contempt for the those being parasitized, othering and demonizing them, being sadistic toward them, and taking delight in so doing. This is the necessary mindset of a parasite and a parasitic subculture. We see that mindset in the woke crowd, particularly in AOC types. When parasites become triumphant as they have in USA and Canada, we see major institutions falling to them as the ethos of the subculture spreads much like a virus. DC is virtually entirely parasitic on the US population. Recent draconian actions by US health authorities are similarly characterized by triumphant parasitism. It greatly helps to understand that parasites enjoy the harm and destruction they cause. ABN

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