Communist moron butchers language to make a false and stupid point: Claims “Honk Honk is an acronym for Heil Hitler”

Covid has shown us conclusively that world leadership is almost universally garbage. The subculture(s) to which our “representatives” belong requires nothing more than doctrinaire repetition and slavish loyalty to globalist powers. In USA, Congress no longer even writes legislation and no one ever reads it. Canada is going full Stalinist over an anti-science mandate for a vaccine that never worked and was designed for a virus that no longer exists. Let’s remember how bad it is while we try to figure out ways to do government better. Right now TRUTH Social and Donald Trump are our best bets but we need a deeper bench and a broader support base. Almost none of the “representatives” we have now can be relied upon to do anything helpful. In all of Congress only Ron Johnson made public attempts to air real covid science. ABN

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