Klaus Schwab outlines WEF “GOODTHINK” in just two minutes. This is where Trudeau got his policy “ideas” and learned how to implement them

This is so bad, it is almost enjoyable to watch. Schwab surely is a front man for a parasitic network of elites that reared him. Trudeau is his lieutenant as are Macron, Ardern, Johnson, Newsom and many more. The infiltration of WEF “young leaders” over the decades was stealth warfare designed to steal entire nations from citizens who do not understand the importance of national sovereignty or the shallowness of the Schwabian ideals replacing it. ABN

UPDATE: I highly recommend watching this short vid. It provides a perfect paradigm of our current lefty/commie “leaders.” Notice how Schwab appears to be addressing children, maybe a class of mildly bright middle-schoolers. Notice how fake his gestures are as he reads the text in front of him. Notice the fundamental dullness of his emotional aspect. He is dry because he is devoid of deep imagination and yet is certain he is right. You will see these same signs in all of his followers and most graduates of his “young leaders” infiltration program begun decades ago. ABN

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