Grand Jury Proceedings Day 5 – Court of Public Opinion – Economical & Financial Destruction

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So started watching now day 5 of grand jury

London Business School, it is at the heart of this Schwab stuff. The beginning of this 5th day lays out the technocratic dream and how the shift is supposed to happen. OMG these people are utter idiots.

There is no way technocracy will work and in fact they have already assured its complete failure. The idea it that it will all run on science and data. But they have so corrupted all science and data to try to implement it that there is no way it can work. This 5th day gives me absolute hope. It is beyond stupid, beyond incompetence.

Working in startups, working in AR [Augmented Reality]. I get contacted by sustainability accelerators and such. The businesses out of them can’t work on this model. Then the smart cities accelerators. No one can explain wtf a smart city is. So they have these broad ideas and plans but no one wants this bullcrap. They can’t even define it. Just bad ideas heaped on bad ideas. None of it works.

They’ve just completely collapsed everything in Europe. Like China and Russia are just going to sit around while they build back better. It is utterly ridiculous. They put all this money into the UN but they expect Americans to somehow go along with the fucking UN.

But I think, much of the American system has already backed out. My mother’s credit card not working to give money to a charity is telling. Then you have the banks not lending to Europe. A big takedown of Euro elites going on. Still some shit to go through in the meantime.

But people fully red pilled on mendacity of all these gov officials. Watched some of Viva Frei watching the speeches in Canadian Parliament. He is pulling his hair out. The people in Parliament – complete idiots.

UK as well – holy cow – watch any video Liz Truss from the UK. The current foreign minister. Worse than Blinken.

-missive from a friend in UK

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