Ukraine and Russia Officials Negotiating a Meeting – Biden Administration Tells Zelenskyy to Stop, Only U.S. Permitted to Negotiate With Russia

Amid an intense conflict continuing, the government of Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin are in negotiations for a meeting.  However, the U.S. State Department does not want Zelenskyy and Putin to negotiate an end to hostilities.

Unfortunately for Zelenskyy, an end to the fighting would be against the interests of the Biden administration.  Highlighting the point, the U.S. State Department does not want Zelenskyy and Putin to meet.  The Biden administration conveys a very telling message, from their perspective, saying only the United States is permitted to negotiate with Russia on behalf of Ukraine.   Zelenskyy needs to stay out of it.


The extreme corruption of Ukraine, child trafficking, rule by oligarchs, payola to US politicians and foundations, and more make this conflict very difficult to moralize about or take sides over. With our own “president” a clear usurper interloper puppet in office only through fraud and treason; and following two years of mass murder through medical malpractice in USA, while officials lust after digital IDs on the pretext we need them to fight covid, one feels that Putin has a good deal of justification for blowing up eight American bioweapons research facilities located in Ukraine while seeking to remove what he calls the “Nazi gang” in Kyiv ostensibly governing Ukraine. I am making no judgement. I spent a few months in Ukraine almost twenty years ago but do not pretend to have inside knowledge. Biden is weak, NATO/USA have no business encroaching on Russia, Ukraine is corrupt, a puppet state analogous to our puppet White House actors. How or by whom corruption is deposed or removed matters less than that it be deposed or removed. ABN

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