Day 6 – Mr President, is Ukraine winning the war? (not a joke!): The Saker

…Russians are being expelled from sports clubs, musical events, cultural events and pretty much from everywhere where something “Russian” can be treated with hate and contempt.

These are Orwell’s two minutes of hate, but drawn out over days.

This is an russophobic Kristallnacht, but officially organized and praised.

I want to add one more thing about all this: nobody, absolutely NOBODY, is forcing the folks in the West to act the way they are.  No Gestapo, no SA/SS patrols – nothing.  Just the US PSYOPs and the eager willingness of these folks to “show Russia” in some way.

And since there are practically NO voices denouncing all this, this is also an important “message” from the people of Europe to the people of Russia.


This is EXACTLY what the Russian nation needs to understand the world it lives in.

THAT is the reality, not their smiles or promises.


More info at link. ABN

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